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OO Seven has the very famous dressage stallion Rubinstein as his sire, who performed himself at Grand Prix level. From Rubinstein there are many approved sons in the European Studbooks.

Dam of OO Seven is Gelbria (ster, preferent) who is a full sister of the famous Olympic Barbria, they have the renowned dressage horse producer Doruto as their sire. Another full sister Ezabria was UTV champion of the three year olds in 1989. This Bria pedigree has produced numerous showring and dressage stars. OO Seven is more than sufficiently well developed, he has a good rectangular model and is a stallion who radiates presence.

The report of his stallion performance test in autumn 1999 states that OO Seven is very willing to work. The trot is light footed with a lot of tact and balance. The canter is spacious and extremely well balanced. OO Seven shows a lot of ability as a dressage horse.

In 2001 a group of OO Seven’s progeny were shown, they have a light footed trot with enough space, the hindleg is active and the foreleg use is more than sufficient. The walk is regular and spacious enough. The bone foundation shows sufficient quality.

In the final of the Pavo Cup 2000, OO Seven was reserve champion in the four year old class. In 2001 OO Seven was selected for the World Championships for young dressage horses in Verden.

In the final of the Pavo Cup for five year olds, OO Seven with Imke Bartels was reserve champion and the press write up was “Beautifully lined horse with extra movements, suppleness, tact and balance”.

OO Seven participated successfully in the stallion competitions 2001/2002 and achieved 2nd place.

In December 2002, OO Seven was the very convincing winner in the final of the Amev –Hippo Cup in Maastricht.

 OO Seven  Rubinstein I  Rosenkavalier  Romadour II
 Antine H  Angelo xx
 Gelbria  Doruto  Komet
 Blitzlicht II
 *  Amor
KWPN 96.09740

168 cm

Performance test:
Walk: 8
Trot: 9
Canter: 9
Dressage Ability: 9
Technique: 6.5
Scope: 7
Jumping Ability: 6.5


1996 Black Hessen Stallion

Westfalen, Oldenburg
Offspring eligible KWPN Register A
born 1996
1.71m / 16.3h+
Freestyle is a beautiful stallion with an athletic body, very well applied hindquarters and a super character. At the 100 Performance test at Prussendorf he was awarded a 10 for 'character' and a 9 for temperament. In dressage he proved to rank amongst the best of his year and received a 9,33 for rideability. His total score was 132,55 pnt. Freestyle obtained the 7th place in jumping with an 8 for jumping ability.

Freestyle is a son of the famous Westfalan dressage sire, Florestan I, who has produced famous stallions like Fidermark, Fleurop, Florentano, Faveur, Neostan, Flores and Flieder.

Freestyle was the overall winner of his performance test. At the 100-day Performance Test at Prussendorf he was awarded a 10 for 'character' and a 9 for 'temperament.'  In dressage, he proved to rank amongst the best of his year, and received a 9.33 for ridability. His first foals were born in 2000.

Freestyle himself is out of the famous mare line of Paloma. Paloma and her 4 sisters received the award of the "Best Family of Hessen" for 4 years on a row.  Paloma produced two approved stallions, Freestyle and Flammengold, full brothers, and she received a score 8,1 for her mare test.  Her sister Patricia was in 1997 the best mare of Hessen.  The second full-sister Pretoria was the best 3-year old mare of Hessen in 1998 and obtained a very high score of 8,50 for her mare test.  The other sister Primera was best mare of Hessen in 1999 and also received a score of 8,50 for her mare test. The Youngst sister, Primavera, was 2nd at the mare show for two year olds at Asfeld.

Grandmother Geisha is a full-sister of the dam of the world famous stallion Romadour II, the sire of Olympic Gold Medallist Rembrandt with Nicole Uphoff.  The dam-line of Freestyle shows four State Premium mares on a row, Paloma, Piroschka, Roxi and Geisha.

Florestan Fidello Furioso II Furioso XX
Dame De Ranville
Laura Lockruf
Raute Rheinhold Romadour II
Gode Garamond
SPS Paloma Parademarsch I Paradox I Papayer XX 
Dahlie Damhirsch
SPS Piroschka Perlkönig  Pilatus
SPS Roxi Romulus I
SPS Geisha

Expanded Pedigree



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